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5 Benefits of Solar Panels for Homes

December 29, 2022


Solar power has great potential in Singapore because we receive about 50% more solar radiation than countries with temperate climates. Businesses are beginning to adopt green energy in order to improve efficiency, build healthier workplaces, and keep up with consumer demands for green practices. As HDB towns are seeing more solar panel installations and becoming increasingly sustainable, landed property owners can also join in the efforts by fitting solar PV systems on their roofs to cut down their carbon footprint and do their part for the environment. If you own a landed property and are considering solar panels for your home, here are some of the benefits to think about.


1. Eco-Friendly


The energy we consume today is largely generated by natural gas, which is the cleanest form of fossil fuel. Despite its low emissions, the harmful substances produced will still harm the environment, causing global warming and depleting the ozone layer.


With solar panels, harmful greenhouse gas emissions are no longer an issue. They allow the production and consumption of solar energy, which is a renewable source of energy that does not risk running out. Solar energy also does not emit any greenhouse gases or pollutants detrimental to our climate. Although energy is required to manufacture the panels, the energy they yield and the environmental benefits they provide far exceeds what it takes to make them. Additionally, fossil fuels need up to a few million gallons of water to be mined and to produce electricity, which results in water pollution. But solar panels for homes require significantly less amount of water—approximately 75 litres in total—for cleaning and maintenance.


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2. Reduced Electricity Bills


Solar panel installation allows homeowners to capitalise on the energy generated from their solarised roofs instead of purchasing power from an electricity provider. This helps homeowners to save on their monthly electricity bills, with average landed property households enjoying savings of up to $60,000 in 25 years.


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3. Long Lifespan


Solar panels have long lifespans of between 20 and 30 years. However, this does not mean that they will eventually break down and fail at the end of their estimated lifespan. Unless the panels are damaged by external factors such as improper installation or extreme weather, they will continue to function for many decades but at a lower output. Their durability can be attributed to a lack of moving parts that can break from within. They are also specifically designed and tested to ensure that they can withstand harsh weather conditions.


4. Profit from Excess Electricity Generated


Households that do not consume a lot of energy on a daily basis or are away on long overseas trips may have extra electricity generated from their solar panels. Homeowners can then profit from the excess by selling it to Singapore’s electrical grid.


5. Increases Home Value


The benefits of solar panels—lower electricity bills and reduced carbon footprint—make them highly desirable, which is why homes with solar panels installed typically see an increase in value. In addition, more and more Singaporeans are becoming increasingly aware of the effects their consumption patterns have on our climate, and are taking steps to live more sustainably. According to studies, Singaporeans today are also beginning to be more open to purchasing net-zero homes and are even willing to pay an additional 3 to 4% for eco-friendly properties.


By installing solar panels on your property, you get to consume green energy and lower your impact on our environment while saving additional costs in the long run. As a landed property homeowner, making the switch to solar energy brings about multiple benefits.


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