News Choose Union Power for Best Electricity Price Plans! 💡

Choose Union Power for Best Electricity Price Plans! 💡


Now You Can Now Choose Electricity Providers like You Do Your Telcos

Before we get to talking about why Union Power gives you all the options to choose customizable, flexi plans for your electricity needs… let’s talk about the Open Electricity Market (OEM). Announced in late 2017, the Electricity Market Authority introduced something so novel that it took us awhile to wrap it around our heads…. I can choose who I want to buy electricity from? Like I can choose between say, Singtel, Starhub or Circles.Life?? 🤔 No way.


Well, yes way! It’s now April 2021 and Singaporeans have the luxury of choosing between 12 electricity retailers (including us!). And we welcome the competition – healthy competition drives innovation – always a plus point for consumers. We’ll also give credit where credit is due: our competitors have pushed us to understand our consumers better, understand your needs better to cater to you in the way we know how: listening.


Union…? The Blue Gas Tanks? Now That’s A Slice of History We Grew Up With!

Yup! Knew we’d look familiar to you – you’re probably thinking of our sister company – we’re Union Power.
As part of the same group that has so many years of history serving Singaporean households, your neighbourhood hawker centre and your favourite Zhe Char or Nasi Padang place, trust us when we say we know you. We’ve grown up together with you. We are with you.


There Are So Many Plans. I Don’t Even Know Where to Begin.

Alright don’t fret. Let’s ignore all the fancy words – there are only 3 groups of plans and we feature the most popular 2!

  1. Fixed Price Plan
  2. Discount Off Regulated Tariff Plan


Fixed Price Plan

aka No Surprises

Just pay a flat rate $X per kWh – this usually comes with lower rates that you can lock in over a longer period of time.

Our fixed-price plans are pretty popular, probably because we don’t require a deposit too. Why tie down any cash flow if it CAN be helped?  We wouldn’t want to pay things like monthly or registration fees either, so we make sure you don’t have to too. Check out our Union Saver Plans – these are fixed rate plans with flexible contract durations from 6 months, 12 months to 24 months!


Discount Off Regulated Tariff Plan
aka Gimme that discount

Everybody loves good discount – don’t you?
Discount off Regulated Tariff Plans are basically this: you get a FIXED discount during your contract period. It’s like going to NTUC and always getting 25% off your final bill! But discount against what, you might ask. Off the regulated tariff – which is SP’s (before the Open Electricity Market, only SP sold us electricity!) Every 3 months, SP Group sets a new unit price for electricity, it can go up or it can go down. Our Power Saver Plans are really well-received because if SP Group’s tariff happens to be low for these 3 months, you get a further discount on that automatically! If it jumps a little higher in that 3-month block, you’re well buffered from that with a fixed 25.11% discount! See? Win-Win! 🥳

Union Power: Power Up Party

We bring the power. Cost efficient and good value. We don’t use the word “cheap” even though we know our prices are among the most affordable in the market, just read our reviews on Seedly for completely unbiased and unpaid reviews! We want to give you value. Good price, and sustainable power – because your experience as a customer matters. We even received a 4.5-Star Rating from the recent EMA Customer Satisfaction Survey! 👍


I’m Sold! But is Switching to Union Power Worth the Hassle?

The good news – there is no hassle. Easy, Simple, Straightforward. When we first started developing electricity solutions, our management only had these 3 words for us. And so, we’ve made it convenient. Why?

We’re here to help you Power Up. Power Life. So that you can focus on the important things.
It just takes 5 Easy Steps, and you’re set!


I’m Ready to Power Up!

Ready, Set, Go! It’s time to choose your preferred plan!
Choose between our Union Saver (Fixed Price) Plans and our Power Saver (Discount Off Tariff) Plans, then select your ideal contract duration! See, simple! Be sure to have a look at our factsheets as well for all the info you might want to consider. If you want us to recommend a best-value plan for you based on your current electricity consumption, just head here to calculate your monthly savings!


We Love Promotions! 🤑

For the auntie and uncle in all of us: checkout our extensive list of Residential Promotions just for you!

We’ve even compiled it all in one webpage so you can get first-dibs on rewards and savings.













Here are a few STAR online-only promos –  act fast before they are fully redeemed!


From Us to You:

⚡Get a $40 bill rebate today

Apply Promo Code HAPPY40 when you sign up for any 12-month price plan


⚡Get a $80 bill rebate today

Apply Promo Code HAPPY80 when you sign up for any 24-month price plan


From Our Participating Partners:

⚡HSBC: Save up to S$612 with HSBC Credit Cards

Apply Promo Code HSBC50 when you sign up for any 12-month price plan

Apply Promo Code HSBC115 when you sign up for any 24-month price plan


⚡CITIBANK: Save up to S$607 with Citi Credit Cards

Apply Promo Code CITISAVE50 when you sign up for any 12-month price plan

Apply Promo Code CITISAVE110 when you sign up for any 24-month price plan


⚡UOB: Save up to S$577 with UOB Cards

Apply Promo Code UOBUP40 when you sign up for any 12-month price plan

Apply Promo Code UOBUP80 when you sign up for any 24-month price plan


⚡POSB: Up to S$284 worth of rebates with POSB Everyday Card

Apply Promo Code POSBUP50 when you sign up for any 12-month price plan

Apply Promo Code POSBUP110 when you sign up for any 24-month price plan


💡 We definitely bring the power – Sign Up with us now! 💡




Same Electricity Supply.


So why pay more when you can get it for less?
Power up with us today to save on your next electricity bill.