Demand Aggregation Scheme (DAS), it is for customers who are not able to apply for contestability under en-bloc contestability scheme. For master meter accounts, in order to enjoy this scheme the commercial building landlord of a tenanted building is required to get 100% consensus from all present tenants, which can be difficult. Which is why in 2015, Energy Market Authority (EMA) implemented the Demand Aggregation Scheme scheme for electricity users that are not able to achieve 100% consensus from tenant or holding domestic accounts.


One of the biggest operating cost of any MCST (Management Corporation Strata Title) is the electricity needed to keep the common areas running for the tenants and residents. For condominiums the common area facilities such as clubhouses, swimming pools and corridor lighting, as well as the air-conditioning and elevators for malls & office buildings, require constant electricity to function, adding substantially to the management cost of running the property.


Union Power has helped its clients to significantly reduce electricity costs through the Demand Aggregation Scheme (DAS). The process includes LEW customisation of carving out common area consumption suitable for contestability.


Union Power is equipped to provide a One-Stop turnkey solution, allowing you a hassle free conversion under the DAS.


We will take care of the complete conversion process, which includes:

  • Contestability Consultancy
  • Administrative
  • Electrical wiring & modification works
  • Testing and Commissioning

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