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Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Solar Photovoltaic Systems or Solar PV Systems in Singapore is an innovation that can convert photons or light energy into electricity. Thus, solar photovoltaic (PV) can produce a natural, renewable, and environmentally friendly energy source for homes and businesses alike. Solar energy remains the most promising renewable energy source for Singapore when it comes to electricity generation. With an average annual solar irradiance of 1,580 kWh/m2/year and about 50 percent more solar radiation than temperate countries, solar photovoltaic (PV) generation has the greatest potential for wider deployment in Singapore.

Singapore aims to deploy at least a 2-gigawatt peak (GWp) of solar energy by 2030. This is equivalent to powering about 350,000 households for a year.

How Solar Works?

A solar PV system is an innovative solution to use solar energy as renewable energy in the form of electricity. Solar panels are mainly composed of many individual solar cells connected in a circuit. These solar cells collect photons (sun energy) from sunlight and generate flowing electrons or what we call electricity.


Absorption of sunlight by silicon solar cell


Photons from sunlight excite electrons to high energy states.


Activated electron flows to external circuit/load.


Solar panel generates electricity in DC current.


Inverters convert DC to AC current. AC current is pumped down to your building’s main switchboard (MSB).


Solar energy is transmitted through the MSB to building loads such as air-conditioning & lighting.

Project Timeline

Solar PV system integration takes 3-6 months depending on the size of the roof and the system. Union Solar will take measures to ensure timely project delivery.



Feasibility Study, Schematics & Drawings, In-principle approval by Client


Assess needs, technical requirements, procure the solar PV system


Risk Assessment, Work Permits, Hoisting Activities

Authority Approval

SP Turn-on Application, SCDF lodgment, EMA/EMC PV system registration

Commissioning of System

Frequently Asked Questions


Electricity generated by the solar panels flows to the building main switchboard where the system is connected. From there, the solar energy is transmitted to various parts of the building where it is used.


Solar energy is the raw energy coming from the sun. It is the energy we feel around us, the energy that dries our clothes and lights up the streets during daytime. Photovoltaic is a system that catches the photons coming from the sun and converts it into electricity.


The cost varies depending on the roof area deployable for solar panels as well as the site conditions. We at Union Solar offer free installation of solar panels for businesses through our solar PPA.


With Union Solar, businesses that wish to convert to renewable energy can avail of our free installation of solar panels through our solar PPA. You can also enjoy our solar leasing program for free installation.


It is always recommended to let professional solar panel technicians install the solar PV system whether at home or in an office. It is to ensure safety standards are well met and complies with requirements imposed by Authorities.


Grid-tied solar PV systems are the most common type for commercial and industrial uses.

Contribute to a Greener Earth


Immediate savings while reducing your carbon footprints.

Drop us an enquiry, and we’ll handle the rest.