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Looking Back on Earth Day: Making the Shift to Solar Energy

May 30, 2023


Every year on April 22, governments, communities, organisations, and individuals unite to celebrate Earth Day and demonstrate support for environmental protection. Since Earth Day’s inception in 1970, each year has given greater voice to concerns about pollution and reinforced momentum behind initiatives aimed at creating a more sustainable future. 


Solar adoption is one of the most influential initiatives, vital for reducing reliance on fossil fuels, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, and supporting clean energy industry growth. Singapore’s rapid progress in adopting solar energy is a remarkable achievement to be acknowledged this Earth Day. This success demonstrates that with enough commitment and effort, anything is possible.


In this article, we’ll delve a little into Singapore’s solar journey and share some tips on how to make the shift to solar energy this Earth Day.


Singapore’s Solar Energy Journey


In 2007, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced clean energy as a growth area, allocating S$350 million towards building R&D and manpower capabilities. Since then, the government has promoted solar adoption through various initiatives and policies like the SolarNova program, aiming to increase solar installations on public buildings and spaces.


The government has also set ambitious solar energy targets, such as reaching 2 gigawatt-peak (GWp) by 2030, which would cover 3% of Singapore’s electricity needs. These efforts have borne fruit, as seen by the significant increase in rooftop solar installations and innovative solar solutions.


Since 2015, Singapore’s solar capacity has increased more than sevenfold, making the country one of the world’s most solar-dense cities. However, more can be done to increase clean energy generation in Singapore, and one of the best ways is to encourage more people to install solar panels. Not only will this reduce reliance on fossil fuels and combat air pollution, but it will also promote a greener Singapore.


Making the Transition to Solar Energy


Transitioning to solar energy is straightforward. First, determine if your building is suitable for a solar PV system installation. If you’re unsure, reach out to us; our solar engineers will help conduct a comprehensive survey and provide the necessary information for an informed decision.


The next step is to determine the energy requirements for your home and the cost of installation. In general, the more panels installed, the more energy generated. This will increase upfront costs, but result in a shorter payback period. Union Solar aims to make this process easy for our clients. We offer a no-obligation customised proposal based on your roof layout and energy needs. We also handle the entire process from procurement to installation.


Once the system is installed, tested, commissioned and endorsed by all relevant agencies, such as Singapore Power, your system will be ready to provide clean energy for your home.


Final Thoughts


As we reflect on Earth Day and its impact on promoting sustainability, it’s important to recognise the role each of us plays in creating a greener, more sustainable future. Transitioning to solar energy is a vital step towards reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, and supporting clean energy generation.


By making the switch together, we can contribute to a cleaner environment and promote energy independence not only on Earth Day but every day. 

Union Solar is here to help make this transition seamless for you. Reach out to us for assistance with solar panel installation, and let’s work together towards a brighter, eco-friendly future for ourselves and generations to come.




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