History at a Glance

A household brand in Singapore, Union Energy Group (UEG) is the market leader in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) industry with customers spanning across Commercial entities and Residential households. Besides offering LPG, the Group also supplies CNG (Compress Natural Gas) to Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs), in particularly supporting the public transport sector. In addition, the Group owns and manages a public diesel dispensing kiosk to fleet owners and industrial applications.

Endeavouring to be an all-rounder Energy Provider, the Group now includes Electricity Retailing as part of its Energy Offerings to its Customers.





  • Union Energy can trace its roots as early as 1977, under the trade name of Choon Hin Gas Supply.
  • Pioneered by our Chairman, Mr. Teo Kiang Ang, the Company started by retailing bottled LPG to households.


man leaning on gas tanks


  • Appointed as one of the major LPG distributors for Caltex.
  • Entered into LPG wholesale distribution business.


pile of gas tanks


  • Ventured into retail and commercial piping for businesses and turnkey projects.



  • Moved upstream by expanding into bottling.
  • Acquired and operates a LPG bottling plant at 43 Jalan Buroh, Singapore.



  • Union Energy Group formed its shape by consolidating all LPG businesses under the umbrella of Union Energy Corporation Pte Ltd.



  • Union Energy expanded its LPG business into Market and Food Centres (Hawker) in Singapore.



  • Union Energy Group was ranked as one of the Top 10 Enterprise 50 Award winners.
  • Built and operates World Largest CNG refilling station at 50 Old Toh Tuck Road, Singapore.


cng refilling station


  • Ventured into business of wholesale and retail of health care products and supplements under brand name, Health Domain Pte Ltd.


health care and supplements


  • Launched retail resale of Diesel business to public at CNG refilling station.


union gas truck


  • Established Union Power Pte Ltd to undertake the retail of electricity business in Singapore and obtained electricity retailer license from Energy Market Authority (EMA).


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