Switching to Union Power


All households in Singapore are eligible to choose a Power UP plan from Union Power that best suits their household needs. You can read more about OEM market here.


Your latest electricity bill is required.

You may upload your latest electricity bill during the online application or via the Contact Us page.


No. Your electricity supply will NOT be disrupted as switching is an administrative transfer of account by Union Power.

SP PowerGrid Ltd is licensed by the EMA as the transmission agent licensee to transmit electricity for, and on behalf of SP PowerAssets Ltd,  and is responsible for the physical delivery of electricity supply to your premises regardless of which retailer you choose. Hence, you will continue to enjoy the same quality, safety and reliability of electricity supply.


No. Your current meter works fine for us. SP Group will send meter readers to your premise/s to record your electricity usage on a bi-monthly basis. On the month where the meter is not read, SP Group (SP Services) will estimate the month’s consumption and Union Power will bill according to that. You may opt to install an Advanced Meter if you wish to track your electricity usage every half hour, at one-time installation cost of $$43.20 (incl. GST).


  • Static Residential Load Profile (SRLP) meter

SP Group (SP Services) will read for the meters bi-monthly. SP Group (SP Services) will estimate the month’s consumption on the months where the meters are not read.


  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meter

These meters will automatically update the meter reading to SP Group (SP Services).


Security deposit and registration fee is not required for switching to Union Power. Union Power will absorb the carbon tax charge and transmission loss factor for standard price plans. Please read through the fact sheet of each price plan before signing up.


You can sign up at our roadshows or submit online application by selecting ‘Select Plan’ on your preferred price plan.


  • Static Residential Load Profile (SRLP) meter will take 15 Days.
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meter will take 30 Days.

Billing and Payment


  • GIRO

Download the application form here. Please mail the original copy to Union Power Pte Ltd.

For customers with DBS/POSB account, you can apply for GIRO payment through internet banking here.

Please note that GIRO application will be processed within 4-6 weeks.


  • Recurring Credit Card Payment

Recurring credit card payment can be setup through the link which can be found in the month e-Notification sent to your email. Please note that the link expires in 29 days from e-Notification date.


  • Internet Banking

Payment can be made to our DBS Bank Account: 0039558325

Please indicate your MSSL Account Number as Reference & drop an email notification to for tracking purposes.


  • AXS

Use the AXS App, AXS e-Station or visit any AXS Stations.

Payment only available for bill amount $30 & above.


Mailing Address

3 Lor Bakar Batu, #07-03, Singapore 348741


You will receive the first bill approximately 45 days to 60 days after your contract start date and depending on your billing cycle. Kindly note that your first electricity bill may be pro-rated.


You can view your Union Power bill on Union Power Customer Portal & Mobile App.

If you do not have an account, kindly click here to register before you log in.


Hardcopy bill is available. You can opt for paper bill during the online application.

The charge for Paper bill is $1.08/per bill (incl. GST).


Your billing cycle with Union Power will be assigned by SP Services.

You can make payment within 14 calendar days from bill date.


  • GIRO

Auto deduction is scheduled 14 days after your bill date. If the deduction falls on a weekend/public holiday, the deduction will be made on the next working day.


  • Recurring Credit Card Payment

Credit Card deduction is scheduled 5 days after your invoice date. If the Credit Card deduction falls on a weekend/public holiday, the Credit Card deduction will be made on the next working day.


  • Other payments

Kindly make payment by the due date. The due date is 14 days from the bill date.

Account and Contract


Kindly click here to log into your account.


You will receive your Contract ID via email within 2 – 3 days after your contract start date.


Your Contract ID can be found in your Contract Form –


Your MSSL Account Number can be found on the top right of your paper bill, as seen in the image below.


Kindly drop us an enquiry with your MSSL Account Number for our reference.


You will first be charged Early Termination Charge on the premise address which you terminated.

There will also be an Administrative Cost of $27 (incl. GST) and an Account Closure fee of $10.80 (incl. GST).


You will be notified 10 days prior to the contract expiry date and renewal can be done via our Customer Portal.


You will need to notify us one month in advance.

Kindly drop us an email via the Contact Us page.


You will be imposed to the charges below:

Early Termination Charge = (Fee Payable to the Retailer based on Dwelling Type and Remainder of Contractual Obligation) + Administrative Costs $27 (incl. GST) + Account Closure Fee $10.08 (incl. GST)


Early Termination Charge
Dwelling Type Remaining contract duration more than 3 months Remaining contract duration less than 3 months
HDB 1-Room $180 $60
HDB 2-Room $210 $70
HDB 3-Room $270 $90
HDB 4-Room $300 $100
HDB 5-Room / Executive HDB $360 $120
Condominium $600 $200
Landed Property $1020 $340


*The above Early Termination Charges applies to customers who signed up from 1st September 2021 onwards. For customers who signed up before 1st September 2021, kindly refer to your contract.

U-Save GST Vouchers


You may check your eligibility here.


U-Save GST vouchers have to be used to offset any charges from SP Services first. This means that your gas and water bills will be offset first, and any remaining credits can then be used to offset the electricity bill from Union Power. You will see the total amount of U-Save claimed in your monthly Union Power bill.
However, if you do not observe any U-Save reflected in your monthly Union Power bill, it may be due to the following reasons:

  • U-Save needs to first be used to deduct your gas and water charges. You may have to wait for SP Services to utilise it first according to your SP billing cycle before it may be claimed and utilized by Union Power.
  • After deducting U-Save for your gas and water charges, your U-Save balance may be zero. Hence, there is insufficient U-Save credit for the electricity component.


The U-Save Credits will be automatically withdrawn from your SP Services Account thus there is no requirement for submission of any application form for this.


We are only allowed to withdraw the exact amount of your charges from the Union Power Account.


As the withdrawal is done automatically thus customers are not able to opt out.


You may register for a Customer Portal Account and from within, you may retrieve or download your detailed bills. Upon retrieval, you may see the amount reflected on the 1st page of the bill.


For other U-Save related queries, please call SP Group at 6671 7117 (Mon-Fri, 8.30am – 5.30pm) or email:


For more info, please refer to here.

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