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Solar Power Purchase Agreement

Solar Power Purchase Agreement in Singapore allows commercial building owners to utilize solar energy without having to pay any upfront investment cost. This answers the increasing demand for renewable energy resources and lessening of the country’s carbon footprint. As we gear towards a stable economy, we must not turn away from our responsibilities in our environment and the future generation. Union Solar Power Purchase Agreement fully finances your Solar PV systems, takes care of the installation, and maintains it for companies, charging only the solar energy consumed by the building at a competitive electricity tariff rate over a period of 20 – 25 years.

Benefits of Solar Power Purchase Agreement

Singapore’s Solar Power Purchase Agreement is our most feasible solution to the call for sustainable energy. Aside from fulfilling our duties to the environment and fighting against climate change, this agreement also provides every company with more benefits that they will definitely reap in the near future. If you consider joining PPA’s cause, here are some of the promising benefits your business will gain from the agreement:

No Upfront Cost

Union Solar will finance, install, and maintain the Solar PV system, so you do not have to worry about upfront capital cost or the annual recurring cost of maintaining the system.

Immediate Savings via Low Solar Tariff

We integrate the system onto your premises so you can enjoy consumption of green energy directly on-site. In return, you will benefit via a low long-term tariff for the solar energy you consume.

Operation & Maintenance managed by Union Solar

We will operate and maintain the system to ensure that it is in tip-top condition, so you can enjoy more clean energy and savings.

How does the Solar Power Purchase Agreement work?

How does the Solar Power Purchase Agreement work? Solar Power Purchase Agreement works the same way as when you first have an electrical line installed for your company, only that it produces renewable energy and doesn’t need to burn hazardous fossil fuels to generate electricity. Should you enter the Union Power Purchase Agreement, you will allow Union Power to install solar panels on your commercial spaces. This will give you access to solar energy without having to pay exorbitant rates for the private installation of solar panels.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, the solar power purchase agreement aims to empower companies towards a greener and more environmentally friendly economy by providing means for sustainable energy resources. As the business sector consumes more energy than the residential sector, it is only vital that businesses have access to renewable energy. Solar power purchase agreement does just that.


Entering the power purchase agreement is possible through Union Power. We are extending our help to the many businesses in Singapore through the free installation of solar panels according to the agreement. You may contact us today for more information about the agreement and how you would benefit from this program.


The Solar Power Purchase Agreement is an initiative by the Singapore government in partnership with the energy distributors island-wide. This agreement offers the business sector access to renewable energy through the free installation of solar panels that can convert solar energy to electricity which can be used for business operations.


A solar lease is a program wherein a company may lease or rent solar PVs from a distributor in order to provide the company with renewable energy for daily operations. The solar lease can be renewed annually. On the other hand, PPA is a long-term solution for companies that are aiming to convert to renewable energy resources to support their operations.


Buying your own solar panels or entering a leasing agreement is convenient only if you have the financial capacity to do so. Should you find yourself wanting to convert to renewable energy but is facing financial difficulties to support the shifting, you can enter a PPA for a much affordable deal.


Solar PPA will be worth it. The agreement aims to help various companies in Singapore to abide by the sustainable development goals while lowering the cost of electricity for business operations. Through the free installation of solar panels, you will be able to access a renewable energy source that is both environmentally friendly and affordable.

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