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Solar Roof Rental Scheme

Union Solar’s Roof Rental Scheme is a programme that enables businesses to monetise unused rooftop space on their commercial buildings. Under this scheme, we pay businesses a rental fee in exchange for their rooftop space, which will be used to install more solar PV systems to facilitate large-scale renewable electricity generation.
By participating in this scheme, businesses contribute to Union Solar’s core business of generating and providing affordable renewable energy solutions for commercial spaces and the general public.
Participating building owners will also have the option of purchasing the solar power generated for their own use, thereby contributing to the nation’s environmental goals and reducing their carbon footprint.

Benefits Of Solar Leasing With Us

Additional Income

The Solar Roof Rental Scheme lets you lease your rooftop space for an additional revenue stream.

Clean Energy Alternative

Provides you with an option to utilise solar energy generated from the solar panels installed on your building rooftop. Switching to solar energy reduces your carbon footprint.

Building's Temperature

Solar panels can absorb the sun’s heat and radiation, reducing the amount of heat entering your building and the amount of air-conditioning needed to cool the interior.

Adopt Solar Leasing With
Union Power

Commercial buildings are among some of the most significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. However, the good news is that commercial building owners have the power and capacity to aid in reducing these emissions. As a result, mitigating climate change and enhancing sustainable development efforts.
Participating in the Roof Rental Scheme and supporting the development of clean, renewable energy sources such as solar energy can drastically reduce the negative impact of human activities on our environment.
Rooftops of commercial buildings are the most viable space for solar PV system installations in Singapore because of their large surface area and tall heights. By adopting Union Solar’s Roof Rental Scheme, businesses will actively contribute to our efforts in generating and delivering clean solar energy to commercial and residential users in Singapore. It will also provide your business with numerous benefits, such as lower electricity bills, improved green practices and an enhanced company image.

Contribute to Greener Earth


Immediate savings while reducing your carbon footprints.
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