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Power your Business with clean Solar Energy

Union Solar is a solar company in Singapore that operates a network of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems powering organisations like yours. We finance & install solar PV systems or solar panels on your building rooftop, turning underutilised space into a solar energy farm that works to generate sustainable, renewable energy for your business needs.

With installation, maintenance & operation of the rooftop solar PV system handled entirely by Union Solar, there is every reason to adopt this renewable energy solution that maximises the cost and benefit of drawing cleaner energy. We are blessed with a lot of sunlight all year round. This solar energy will only be wasted and becomes a source of discomfort if they are not being utilised as renewable energy. Solar panels on commercial roofs can solve the problem of costly energy sources by producing solar energy which is more eco-friendly and cost-effective. Furthermore, businesses can benefit from free solar panel installation through the solar power purchase agreement to have access to solar energy.

In return, you can look forward to solar energy tariffs which are about 20% below your current retailer tariff, and the knowledge that your organisation contributes to the broader goal of championing sustainable practises as a nation. We believe the future of sustainable energy is fast becoming a reality.

Turn your roof into a valuable asset that works for you through our solar panel installations.

rooftop solar PV system

“ The Greatest Threat to Our Planet Is the Belief That Someone Else Will Save It ”

Robert Swan

Why Solar Energy in Singapore?

Solar energy in Singapore is one of the most cost-efficient, clean energy sources a developed country can hope for. The energy accumulated through solar panels in Singapore costs up to 40% less than brown energy. Yet, this resource and cost savings remain untapped by most organisations due to the misconception of expensive set-up costs & diminishing cost-savings.

Therefore, we at Union Power are happily funding the installation of solar PV systems for businesses in Singapore. With your voluntary cooperation with our solar leasing and PPA, we can make a sustainable energy farm out of the buildings’ rooftops which can support many business operations for lower costs.

Immediate Savings – No Upfront Cost

With no upfront system or maintenance cost, you start reaping savings immediately! Union Solar’s solar tariff is lower than brown energy tariff, which maximises savings far more – the second the panels start generating electricity.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

We integrate the system onto your premises so you can enjoy consumption of green energy directly on-site. In return, you will benefit via a low long-term tariff for the solar energy you consume.

Join the Cause with Renewable Energy

Singapore’s transition to a future of sustainable energy is out in full force, with a target of 2GWp Solar PV capacity by 2030. The transition to adopt Solar Energy will be a tangible sustainability & CSR commitment, contributing to achieving our national target – together.

Make your Roof an Energy Asset

Our Solar PV system transforms unutilized space into an energy generator, dedicated to your energy needs. Our solar panels are installed inconspicuously on your building rooftop where there is maximum exposure to sunlight with hard shading avoided. This ensures optimal cost savings whilst preserving the aesthetic integrity of the premises.

Get Started with No Obligations!

Assess your premises’ suitability for a solar PV system.


Comprehensive Site Survey

Our solar engineer does a comprehensive site survey of your building
to access its suitability for installation of the solar PV system & the ideal size that can be installed.

Price Comparison

We offer competitive low tariff for you to compare against the current brown energy tariff that you’ve been paying for. Here’s where you can opt to choose Solar.

Power Purchase Agreement

Once you have agreed upon the tariff, a power purchase agreement will be signed between you and Union Solar.

Installation & Savings

Engineering design and installation of the system will be executed on site. When the installation is finished, you can go green and start saving immediately!

Enjoy Greater Savings today!



Roof Size: 1750 m2

1st Year Savings:


  • 125 tonnes of CO2 offset
  • Equivalent to powering 67 flats for a year



Roof Size: 3500 m2

1st Year Savings:


  • 249 tonnes of CO2 offset
  • Equivalent to powering 133 flats for a year



Roof Size: 7000 m2

1st Year Savings:


  • 499 tonnes of CO2 offset
  • Equivalent to powering 247 flats for a year

Cost of Solar Panels

Global warming is seen as a major problem around the world. There are many ways we can play our part to save the earth, from reducing our carbon footprint, using renewable energy, to taking public transportations – these are some measures we can take to be environmentally responsible.


Solar panels are an effective way to reduce electricity consumption, contributing to Singapore’s greater long-term goals of higher energy efficiency. With solar panels, it will greatly reduce the negative impacts of carbon emissions on the environment.


Union Power’s Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows commercial building owners to generate & utilise the benefits of solar energy without having to pay an upfront investment cost.


The cost of solar panels through our PPA scheme would definitely be lower than the usual electricity tariff bills. Commercial building owners can potentially enjoy competitively priced tariff rates for approximately 20 years, all while contributing to a more sustainable ecosystem.

Installation cost of solar panel

Under the Union Power PPA scheme, we will assist commercial building owners to design & install the solar panels with zero upfront costs & ensure optimal operating conditions throughout the contract duration. Furthermore, commercial building owners can trust that the installation cost of the solar panels will not come with any inflation rise over the term in Singapore.


Before looking at the installation cost of solar panels, it will be ideal for commercial building owners to consider the feasibility & available rooftop area.

Frequently Asked Questions


Every company with a physical building is eligible to enter the Solar Power Purchase Agreement. We are happy to provide you with the necessary assistance to convert to renewable energy resources.


The most important document you’ll need to sign up for the PPA with Union Solar is your building contract to prove that you have the full rights to allow the solar PV system installation. The rest of the required documents can be disclosed upon request. Call us today for more information.


One of the key advantages of switching to solar PV systems is that it minimizes the chance of power outage. Interruption of electricity supply will less likely happen unless there is a need for repair or maintenance services.


Solar panels alone can be expensive, it is not to mention that installation fees can also strain your budget. That is why we at Union Solar offer free solar panel installation for businesses through the solar PPA.


Solar power at home is a very wise investment as it will reduce your electricity bills significantly. It is not to mention that solar energy is renewable energy and is environmentally friendly.

Contribute to Greener Earth


Immediate savings while reducing your carbon footprints.
Drop us an enquiry, and we’ll handle the rest.